BE's STX LP was the first low power transmitter to effectively combine the quality, features and support you want at an exceptional value. With STX LP Generation II, there’s now even MORE VALUE!  
With built-in features not found in competing models, BE saves you more than just the cost of additional external equipment. Smaller rack size, quicker installation and set-up times, reduced maintenance and future system expandability options puts you at a competitive advantage while ensuring overall system reliability.
STX LP Gen II  - 1-5kW FM Transmitter 
For the past several months we have been shipping the redesigned STX LP. We call it Generation II or Gen II for short. The exciter technology is the same design implemented in the STXe Series exciter. This means that the STX LP Gen II is the also the best sounding transmitter available from 1 to 5kW. Customers have told us they can hear the difference! 

Along with the new exciter, here is additional information about what is new with STX LP Gen II
  • The new GUI is standard for the STXe line of exciter.
  • True digital exciter and can operate in FM, FM+HD, HD only, FM
  • SNMP Level III Control and Security is standard
  • Supports Wheatstone Baseband 192 and Omnia Direct
  • Utilizes CAN Bus communication between PA Modules in 2kW - 5kW models providing smarter control and unique redundant exciter and controller options.
The STX LP Gen II is a unique transmitter in comparison to competitors.  Depending on the power level, here are a few features to share with your customers.
  • Upgradeable to higher power levels. 
  • Superior audio quality.
  • A second exciter can be added as an option to provide exciter redundancy.   
  • For the STX LP at 2kW and above, multiple power supplies and PA modules are included to provide reduced power redundancy in the case of a failure. Some competitors only include one power supply and one PA module at equivalent power levels.
STAY TUNED: New STX Updates and Features Coming Soon.
FM 40T - 40kW FM Transmitter
Now shipping is the highest power single transmitter in BE history - the FM 40T. 

In the past, the biggest challenges to higher power than delivered by the FM 35T were heat control and concern for arcing. Thanks to the inverter blower used in the FMi 25T (the HD version of the FM 35T), we are able to control the heat generated by running at the higher power level. Further developments included a modification to the cavity top cell to isolate from arcing and the redesign of the screen by-pass capacitors to provide further stability from arcing. 

Quick facts about the FM 40T.
  • Power range is to 40kW.  Please note that there will be questions and the desire to push this transmitter above 40kW. The FM 40T has an upper end power limit of 40kW.
  • Utilizes the 4CX20000C Eimac Tube
  • FM only transmitter and therefore is not HD Radio™ capable. 
  • Includes the STXe 60 exciter as standard.
  • Can combined with a second FM 40T for a total power output of 80kW!
BE FM Tube Transmitter Selling Points 
  • Price:  At the power levels of 20kW and above, tube transmitters our substantially less than their solid state rivals.  And this price gap widens as the power level increases.   Even with the replacement tube expense, the cost per watt for a BE tube transmitter remains low. 
  • It is our belief that no solid state transmitter can claim it has been on the air for 30 years, yet we have multiple FM tube transmitters on air around the world that were installed in the 1980's and 1990's. 
Tube transmitters provide :
  • Better tolerance to higher VSWR without damage
  • Better protection against lightning strikes
  • Better tolerance to fluctuations in AC current. 
  • The BE Tube transmitter design still remains state of the art today.  The folded half-wave cavity provides outstanding performance.  Plate blocking capacitors, output coupling capacitors, and sliding contacts are removed eliminating failure points in the transmitter. 
The marketing efforts of one of our competitors that do not offer a tube type transmitter may be misleading to the facts regarding the intelligence of purchasing a tube transmitter over their solid state models.    Initial purchase price along with guaranteed long-life continue to make a tube transmitter an intelligent purchase for any radio station in any location.  
Studio Products Update


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Just like you, AudioVAULT FleX is focused on what goes out on the air. AudioVAULT FleX is an entire suite of powerful, specialized tools designed to support you in delivering the best, the richest, content to your listeners. These modules can be put together in infinite ways, to fit any kind of programming, in any size market, from a single station to a multi-site group.




AudioVAULT FleX Mobile App
If you came through the main entrance of Central Hall at NAB 2014, you couldn't miss BE's giant virtual iPhone™ running the new FleX Mobile App (pictured right). 
To be officially released this summer, the FleX Mobile App will allow radio stations to control or monitor their AudioVAULT FleX system remotely from their iPhone™ or iPad™.