305 Broadcast

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, 305 Broadcast is an internationally well-known distributor of broadcasting equipment. Our strategic location allows us to facilitate the delivery of our products and services to any customer across the globe; we are located within 10 minutes from the Miami International Airport and 20 minutes away from the Port of Miami.

We are an authorized dealer for some of the most respected and recognized brands in the broadcast industry, our high quality products, experienced sales staff, and tech support engineers are always ready to solve any problems our customers might come acro.

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Broadcast Electronics Inc

Broadcast Electronics, Inc. is a global leader in the design, manufacture and sales of broadcast automation systems, RF transmitters and remote broadcasting equipment for the worldwide radio market. The Company was founded in 1959 and has been a pioneer in the development of many of the leading technologies, including broadcast automation systems, FM exciters and high power FM transmitters. BE operates through two business units - Broadcast Automation Systems and RF Systems.Broadcast Electronics is the premier provider of mission-critical solutions for over-the-air and Internet radio. The products encompass program generation, audio and data management, interfaculty transport, and analog and digital transmission.

They have a range of FM Transmitters starting from 60 W to 20 kW and feature riched Radio Autiomation and Playout System.

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Comrex, USA

Comrex, USA has designed and manufactured broadcast equipment since its incorporation in 1961. Our product line has consistently applied the best in current technology to the specific needs of broadcasters.

Comrex has had a long tradition of providing a very down-to-earth answer to a universal broadcast need – bringing high quality audio into the studio from virtually anywhere, economically, at a moment's notice.

Their products include innovative technologies for radio and television well before they hit the mainstream. ACCESS and BRIC-Link IP audio codecs make use of sophisticated audio transmission technology to ensure reliable broadcasts over challenging IP networks. Comrex has continued to refine telephone hybrid technology with products like VH2, and break new ground with products like Opal.

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Digigram is one of the top three worldwide suppliers of digital audio network solutions for radio broadcast and sound distribution in public places. The company develops digital audio network devices, sound cards and audio processing software. Headquartered in Grenoble, France, and with offices in Washington and Singapore, Digigram is publicly listed on the Paris Stock Exchange.

Their products are Link Codecs.

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Elenos is a world leader in manufacturing innovative, state-of-the-art FM transmitters. Our transmitters are widely acclaimed for their compact design, low energy consumption, and reliability. Their sound quality is excellent too.

We are a Global Company with offices and support facilities in Europe, North America and Asia and our FM transmitters are known worldwide for: 1) having the highest RF and Audio performance in the market 2) incorporating “rich” product features 3) using state-of-the-art technologies in design and in manufacturing.

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Since 1962 the company designs, develops and manufactures state-of-the-art broadcasting TV transmitters in Solid State and IOT technology, liquid and air cooled.

Besides broadcast market, ITELCO developed high performing turn-key projects tailored according to specific requirements of Scientific, Military, Aerospace and Medical fields.

Today, after the recent acquisition of Electrosys by Elenos under Itelco Broadcast name, Elenos & Itelco group aim to the integration of superior engineering and technological capabilities by providing, together, over 90 years of broadcasting expertise worldwide.

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Radio Systems Inc

Radio Systems was founded in 1976 by Dan Braverman as a contract engineering service to non-commercial radio stations. By the early 1980's, Radio Systems had added a manufacturing division which produced a variety of studio audio products. The contract engineering department evolved into a turn-key installation department, providing complete engineering solutions for existing and new broadcast facilities.Today, the company manufactures audio distribution amps, studio mixing consoles, telephone interfaces, and a line of analog and digital master clocks. The company's primary products, RS Series and Millenium consoles, are installed in thousands of facilities worldwide. Its newest product, StudioHub, has reinvented the way many engineers and managers design and install their analog and digital studios.

They provide complete range of Studio related products for a Radio Station.

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V-Soft Communications

Probe 4 gives the user the ability to be an expert at predicting radio propagation in the 20 to 20,000 Mega Hertz frequency range. Now Probe 4 offers more powerful features, innovative approaches and speed, including the ability to take advantage of multiple program threads and dual core or quad core processors. Probe is designed to be as flexible as possible to accommodate the various requirements of propagation analysis for multiple communication services. From two-way communication performance to the broadcast coverage and interference, Probe is the choice as the universal propagation prediction tool.

Probe 4 is currently available for purchase in India through Technomedia.